Opening Day Ceremony



Molly Schwartz


Main Stage / Hall A


18:00 - 19:00 Opening Day






Welcome to the Opening Day ceremony for MyData 2019 conference! This ceremony gathers participants of the NGI Forum and the MyData 2019 conference to a join session hosted by Molly Schwartz and Luukas Ilves.

We will hear words of welcome from Sarah Medjek, the chairperson for the MyData Global board of directors, as well as a keynote address from the Grammy award-winning artist Imogen Heap.

Sarah Medjek: Welcome

Imogen Heap: Data Ownership and Control – a Music Maker’s Guide to The Creative Passport

London based recording artist Imogen Heap blurs the boundaries between pure art form and creative entrepreneurship.

In 2014 she envisioned a flourishing music industry ecosystem empowered by new tech solutions, and founded research and development Hub Mycelia.

Creating an artist-led and sustainable decentralized ecosystem, ‘The Creative Passport’ provides a Digital ID for music makers linked to validated information about themselves. It will offer artists increased ownership and control of their own personal data, as well as enabling a fairer data economy and more human-centric connections with the music industry.