SSI – First, Do No Harm



Michael Shea


Hall G


14:30 - 15:45 Friday






In this session we ask the audience: What kind code of practice goes with SSI for protection of human rights?

Using a Fishbowl discussion format we will start with our four primary instigators:

  • Mark Lizar: Digital Transparency over the privacy and surveillance is a key challenge to help people protect themselves – is there really a difference between SSI and government provided ID?
  • Alex Puig: Self-Sovereign Identity – reveals a main challenge for the MyData ecosystem. Can a portable identity container address this problem of user control?
  • Teemu Kääriäinen: Existing systems of identity and organizational driven requirements can reap great benefit if DiD’s can be used; does a hybrid DiD solution address the issues of SSI?
  • Ana Beduschi: In reality – when applying identity to key issues for vulnerable people, Would SSI increase privacy and security risk for the billion people who need identity ? Is there an SSI code of practice?
  • Michael Shea (Ring Master)

Then it is up to our audience to challenge, interrogate, and grapple (figuratively) with our instigators.

Come one! Come all!

Presenters and host: