How Taiwan Achieves the SDGs Together



Luukas Ilves


Main Stage / Hall A


14:30 - 15:45 Friday






This main stage session will feature the Digital Minister of Taiwan, Audrey Tang speaking about “How Taiwan Achieves the SDGs Together”.

The session will be a contribution to the discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals and the role of technology in bringing the health and wellbeing.

As Audrey Tang in the video introducing her presence at MyData 2019:

“In Taiwan, when we think about the data, we don’t think about oil, we don’t think about assets. This simply makes no sense.  Sharing the data with someone does not limit it, it makes us richer. But of course, this sharing must be based on trust. You should be able to demand accountability, portability and explainability from the data operator. As a Digital Minister of Taiwan, I am on the mission to strengthen the trust between citizens and the government and between the people and technology. This is why I find the topic of MyData 2019 conference, which is about Trust so important and this is why I decided to join the conference to share the learnings from my country and learn from the other places in the world.”

Audrey Tang will join MyData via the video link from New York, where she will attend the UN General Assembly. The talk will be crowdsourced, meaning that the conference audience will be fully engaged in the discussion via the conference tool.

A representative of the UN, Maria Mekri, Thematic Lead in Peace and Security at UNTIL Finland will give the introductory talk on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Presenters and host: